Top Crossbow Brands: A Complete Review

by Philip Routh

If you have been shopping around for a new crossbow, or even your first one, then you will probably already know that there are a wide variety of crossbow brands for you to consider. These brands make a number of different crossbows and each have their own advantages and disadvantages that can be associated with them.

If you do not know exactly what you are looking for then choosing between these various crossbow manufacturers can be a little bit overwhelming.

That is why I have put together a list of what I believe are the best crossbow brands around at the moment.

Top 5 Crossbow Brands

Each of the crossbow brands has their own key characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most popular brands and see what sort of features are most important to each of them when it comes to producing their crossbows.


excalibur logo

One of the key features of the Excalibur Crossbows brand is that they pride themselves on being hunters first and foremost. When you purchase an Excalibur you are essentially choosing a crossbow that has been designed by hunters for hunters.

Excalibur believe is focusing on the basics of crossbow design in order to produce weapons that are efficient, reliable and above all else accurate. In fact, accuracy is one of the features that Excalibur values above all else. So much so that every Excalibur crossbow comes with a guarantee that it is capable of shooting groups of 3” at less than 25 yards.

The brand has been built on the idea that if you focus on just the basics, then you can do them exceptionally well! That shines through in the high quality crossbows that Excalibur have to offer.


barnett crossbow logo

Barnett Crossbows has long been a leading name in the industry. In fact, they are considered by many to be the pioneer of the modern crossbow.

Among brands the Barnett name has come to be synonymous with innovation. Over the past 60 years Barnett have been striving to develop innovative features for their crossbows that will offer everything that a modern hunter needs. This has allowed them to develop a diverse range of crossbow models catering to hunters of every size and skill level.

They have crossbows that are suitable for complete beginners and for the experienced bow hunter and they can cater to male or female hunters and to youngsters who are just learning how to hunt. The Barnett Crossbows brand is one that hunters have learned represents quality and innovation.


tenpoin crossbow logo

Tenpoint Crossbows designs, builds and tests all of their crossbows in the USA in order to keep total control of the entire process. They believe that this is the best way to ensure complete control over the quality of the crossbows that they produce. The brand has some of the most rigorous testing standards in the industry which has earned Tenpoint a reputation for producing particularly durable and dependable products that hunters can rely on.

The company has built its foundation on two key principles, the first being that quality is something that simply cannot be compromised. The second is that a successful business can only be built on trust and ethics.


parker crossbow logo

At present, Parker Compound Bows Inc, is probably one of the world’s largest manufacturer of compound bows and crossbows.

They have stated that they believe their success and rapid growth into a global brand can be attributed to three things – high quality products, proven performance and excellent customer service.

They are the relative new kids on the block in terms of crossbows having only gotten into them in 2002, but the company had a strong background in compound bows and archery to build upon. The range of crossbows that Parker has developed are known for being lighter weight and have better balance. They also draw on some of the high performance technology of compound bows.


horton logo

Horton Crossbows are another brand which designs, manufacturers and assembles solely in the USA.

They have built their brand on using only the best quality components combined with the latest technology to produce a range of crossbows which appeals to hunters and recreational shooters alike.

Horton focuses on producing reliable and effective crossbows at affordable prices. They strive to offer models that work for shooters of all ages, sizes and physical ability.


In conclusion, all of the various brands out there have their own principles and business models. Each of them can offer a good quality crossbow that will get the job done, but the choice between the brands themselves is going to come down to what aspects are most important to you.

Do you specifically want a crossbow that is built in the USA?

Are you most concerned about having a crossbow with all of the latest innovative features?

It is important to think about what matters to you and then see which of the top crossbow brands best meets those criteria.