The Fastest Crossbows On The Market

by Philip Routh

If you are in the market for a crossbow you need to do your research to get exactly what you are after. One quality people look for is how fast a crossbow is when in practice. The fastest crossbow will afford you with more than just speed, but ease of use and flexibility. Most people in the market for quality crossbows turn to popular names like Barnett, Darton, and Excalibur. Barnett, alone, has proven time and time again that it can stand up to the requirements of the modern hunter as well as those individuals that like to do target shooting.

Top 5 of the fastest

To help you with your fastest crossbow research we have compiled a list of five crossbows that rank amongst the fastest on the market. Of course no list would be complete without the inclusion of at least one Barnett crossbow. After reviewing each of these summaries you will find the process of choosing the best crossbow for your needs much simpler.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT

Creating a list of the fastest would not be complete without including one made by Barnett. When it comes to the fastest crossbow on the market the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT is exactly that according to some users’ reviews. The Ghost 410 weighs a mere 7.3 pounds to make it easy to carry around and use. Compared to its predecessor, the Ghost 400, the 410 not only weighs less it is also faster at 410 FPS.

Additional benefits of the Ghost 410 are the length, 20” axle to axle, and the use of Barnett’s CRT (Carbonlite Riser Technology.) CRT is highly beneficial as it helps shift the balance point to the shoulder of the shooter instead of leaving it at the riser.

Excalibur Matrix Mega 4050

The Excalibur Matrix Mega 4050 is a crossbow built with speed, comfort, and accuracy in mind. The hunting enthusiast will be thrilled to know this crossbow features an ergo-grip thumbhole. The specs of this crossbow explain why users give it such a high rating. To start, the Matrix Mega 4050 is incredibly lightweight weighing a paltry 6.2 pounds. It has a bolt length of 18” and overall length of 36.2”. The draw weight is 290 pounds.

The velocity of the Matrix Mega 4050 is an impressive 405 FPS (feet per second.) Hunters who have had the chance to use this remarkable crossbow say it is among the fastest and most accurate around.

PSE TAC Ordnance

When you come across the PSE TAC Ordnance in your search for the fastest you will find an impressive crossbow. Starting with the basic specs, the PSE TAC Ordnance comes in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. with a length of 34.75” unmounted. The draw weight is 150 lbs and the suggested arrow length is 26.25”.

When it comes to the speed of this impressive machine it has an FPS of 405 making it on par with other crossbows on this list. Users of the PSE TAC Ordnance appreciate this crossbow, power, long-range accuracy, and high speed.

Darton Fire Force

When looking at the Darton Fire Force Crossbow, you will find that it is comparable to other fast crossbows in many ways. It has a velocity of 400 FPS which makes it among the fastest crossbows on the market. With a length of 38” and a weight of 8lbs. 7 oz. it is on the heavier side of crossbows. The draw weight on the Fire Force is 185 lbs.

Despite its heavier weight seasoned shooters who have used this crossbow appreciate the high quality of the trigger, how hard hitting it is, as well as its speed. The Delta Fire Force crossbows trackless barrel design helps to increase the speed of the arrow courtesy of reduced friction.

Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400

The last crossbow on this list of the fastest on the market is the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400. When Excalibur created the Matrix Bulldog they created another impressive crossbow that features an ergonomic design that utilizes lightweight materials. The Matrix Bulldog weighs in at 6.2 lbs with a length of 35.8 inches. The FPS of this crossbow, with a draw weight of 280 lbs. is 400.

Crossbow users that have reviewed the Matrix Bulldog appreciate how fast and accurate it is as well as its power. The Matrix Bulldog made with Excalibur technology is a very light crossbows, professional but easy to use.


Looking for the fastest crossbow to purchase will find you faced with multiple options as seen above. The fastest on this list is undoubtedly the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT; this is no small surprise as Barnett’s innovative technology has made it the market leader in crossbows and bows for a number of years now. Not to be outdone, the Darton Fire Force, the PSE TAC Ordnance, and the Excalibur Matrix Mega 4050 offer the avid hunter or shooting enthusiast with fast and accurate crossbows. We suggest before committing to any one of these crossbows that you determine your exact needs before making your selection.