Our Best Skinning Knife

by Adam Turner

We’ve given you a vast array of knives on our site, all different shapes and size and for all different uses. Now it’s time for us to take some time to review the best skinning knives on the market, to help you come to the conclusion on the ones you might like. As you will see from out breakdown, there’s some that are a little larger than usual and the price of some may be more of less than you would want to spend, but we’ve made sure we’ve given a great range for you to pick the best skinning knife for you.

Top 5 Skinning Knives

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife

This knife is a little longer than traditional skinning knives are. Thinner than usual too, this knife has a beautiful, rich Cocobolo Dymondwood handle finish and has a really smart brass guard at the top of the handle to protect you whilst using. The size of the blade is 4 inches exactly, and it has a curved belly with a sharp tip which aids for cutting through thicker layers.

With a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, treat this piece right and you could have it for the long haul. Coming with a lovely genuine leather sheath, this knife isn’t one to be missed.

Buck Knives 0537RWS Open Season Skinner Knife

Another great knife from the Buck Knives range, this one is a slightly different style from the more classic knife reviewed above. The blade, slightly bigger than the 0103 at 4 ½ inches, the overall size of the knife is 8 ¼ – the blade is over half the size of the whole knife. Buck Knives consider this to be one of the best skinning knives they have available, which makes the price even better.

This knife really is ideal for hunting purpose, and the blunt point makes it harder to accidentally cut through anything such as hide, for example. Light in weight at 5.2 ounces, it’s a really easy to handle experience.

REG-274, Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

This is a beautiful knife. The REG-274 by general blade manufacturer Poshland is a really cool knife. Handmade by the brand from Damascus steel, there’s a really nice twisted metallic finish on the blade which makes it really attractive. The handle itself is made from rose wood with the damascus steel at the top and bottom.

The blade takes up most of the size of the knife at 7.5 inches to the handle of 5.5, this knife really is a work of art. This could be used on show or in practical hunting situations, not solely for skinning, it’s a really ideal, well priced knife.

Raptorazor Aluminum Big Game Skinner & MAKO Combo

This Raptorazor skinner and hunting knife is an unusual looking item but is really very popular. Made from 100% machined aluminium it’s a super lightweight product and its compact size makes for easy transportation. Although the price may seem a little high, with the lifetime warranty and 3 interchangeable/replacement blades, there’s no reason why you couldn’t have this knife set for years and years to come.

This blade has been designed by avid fisherman Rick Grover to change the way hunting and skinning is done – it’s a really exciting new type of blade on the market.

Outdoor Edge GS-100 Game Skinner T-Handle

The Outdoor Edge GS is another unusual looking piece of kit but in my eyes the best skinning knife out of the 5 included here. Its handle is a great shape for gripping onto the product, giving you maximum control over your skinning. The blade is small and chunky, like traditional skinning blades are and comes with a leather protection piece to go over the blade for added protection.

Given this knife is reasonably priced and offers a lifetime warranty, you won’t need to look much further than the GS-100 for the idea skinning knife.


I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the greatest knifes on the market at the moment. There’s a vast array of products to take a look at here, with some a little more unusual than their counterparts. Some of the designs are a little unusual, which may put some owners off, but it could be worth changing the design you’re used to get a better blade.