What Is The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener On The Market?

by Adam Turner

It’s really great that I can give you the best knives on the market from a range of styles from pocket to hunting (specifically for skinning too), but it’s no use us giving you these if there’s no way you can sharpen them!

Lucky for you, I’ve made sure that I have scoped out the best sharpeners on the market so your knife will never have a blunt moment.

Like usual, I’ll keep it impartial, and I’ll make sure that I provide you with the links for each so you can easily buy when you find what you will need. Happy shopping!

Top 5 Sharpener

Besiva Kitchen & Outdoor Knife Sharpener 3 Stage

This machine is a quick, easy and handy way to get your knives back to their tip, top form. It’s only natural that you’ll need to sharpen your pocket knife of choice, so why not choose this? Is this the best pocket knife sharpener? Maybe not, but as a value for money option it’s great.

It is a three stage sharpening tool. Firstly it aligns the knife, secondly sharpens then thirdly the knife is polished and returned to full, beautiful working order.

There’s a great handle on the end of the kit to keep your hand a safe distance and it’s made from a slip resistant material for extra safety.

Pocket Hunting Knife Sharpener: Tungsten Carbide Ceramic Rod

A different style to the sharpener above but similar in price range, this ceramic sharpener is an easy piece of kit to use. Small and easily transportable, you can easily take this around with you, with a simple backpack clip that allows you to take it wherever.

With just one slot, this product is impossible not be able to use. It has a non-skid base for easy, safe sharpening. Within three or four strokes your blade will be back to a sharp, professional state. This pocket hunting knife sharpener is 7.5cm in size but packs a great sharpen.

Koolife Knife Sharpener with 2 Stage Coarse & Extra-Fine Sharpening System

A different style and different price range from the two previous product, but this is arguably the best pocket knife sharpener on the market. With a long, stable comfort handle for prime stability and a soft, foam underbelly for grip, the Koolife sharpener is clearly a cut above the rest.

Suitable for all types of knives, it’s a perfect product for restoring any knife you may have in your armory, pocket knife included. With a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s almost no risk to buying this product. Transform even the dullest of knives into a re-energized, useful piece of equipment.

Taidea T1051D 360/600 Grit Folding Diamond Knife Sharpener

Taidea have created a sharpened different to anything on the market. Held like a pair of scissors and looking like a grater, sharpening your knife with this is really easy. Swipe each side a couple of times and the diamond whetstone material will leave you will a pocket knife as good as new!

Light and flexible at 70g, the sharpener is easily stored because of its fold-away design, stopping scraping and damage to the sharpener itself if you’re storing it in a bag or a case.

Less than 5 inches in size, you’ll have no problem carrying this around with you whenever you’re using your pocket knife.

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

A much larger, more mechanical item comes in last on my list, as the motorized unit here offers a super quick answer to sharpening your pocket knife.

In my opinion, this is the best pocket knife sharpener on the market. Actually, nay, it’s the best sharpener full stop. Precise, powerful and multi-purpose, you’ll find so many tools you can sharpen with this machine, let alone your trusty pocket knife.

More expensive than the others on the market, but you’re buying a great quality product nonetheless. Handheld and very easy, you’ll have trouble finding anything better than this out there.


I’ve provided a great range of products, all slightly different from each other. It’s our job to offer you a fair and interesting guide, but I’ve broadened the price spectrum here to that you can really choose the tool that’s more appropriate to you. The portable kits are great for using out and about, on trips or whilst working, yet the Work Sharp offering is perfect for using in a workshop. It may be that you want a couple of options, but anything here will do the job perfectly.